Microsoft Access
About Me

Dan Khadem, Microsoft Access Expert

I'm an expert level Microsoft Access programmer. I've built, modified and managed databases in the healthcare, energy, environmental, and industrial sectors. I've been programming in Access for 20 years since Microsoft Access version 2.0.
With a background in Engineering, I have the knowledge to assist clients with their technical data needs by not just understanding what my clients' database needs are, but more importantly, why, and what is the end goal for their data needs in their business.
I'm a solo-developer. With no overhead and personalized service, I aim to provide my customers with the solution they need without any corporate added expenses.
I'm based in Denver, Colorado and service local, national, and international clients.
Dan Khadem
When I'm not nerding out with databases, I spend my free time with my family and my passions of fitness and photography. Check out my new project on conquering goals at .